Sunday, February 9, 2014

Organic Baby Formula

Becoming a new mother was both an exciting and scary experience for both me and my wife. We knew we were ready to begin a family but like so many other families we knew we needed to continue to have two incomes just to be able to pay the bills. My wife was very dedicated to the fact of raising our new infant in the healthiest environment possible. As a family we have always been very serious about living a healthy lifestyle almost to the point of being excessive. We both had our exercise routines that we adhered to in very strict fashion, and we are very careful with regard to the foods we consume.

With all the concerns in today’s world about the side effects and physical and mental harm that can be caused from the pesticides and chemicals in just about everything found around us, we knew we needed to be extremely cautious when it came to our baby’s health. Since my wife was very careful about what she put into her body we felt that breast feeding would be the best choice to provide our child healthy, wholesome food. Although this seemed like the perfect solution we knew that it may not address the problem completely. Even though you try to plan for everything, things don’t always go as planned. Since my wife was planning to return to work and would be unavailable for our baby for a good portion of the day, breastfeeding 24 hours a day wasn’t the answer. We knew there are options for pumping and storing the milk but what if something happen and the milk wasn’t available?  What if her milk supply dried up after a couple months? These were questions we wanted to answer ahead on time. We began doing are research and reviewing products to see what options were available.

Now we are not vegans or vegetarians (not that there is anything wrong with that) but that’s just not our choice. We just enjoy all types of foods and make what we feel are smart, healthy choices. However, through our research we discovered that organic baby formula would most likely be the best option for our infant if or when breast milk wasn’t available. It seemed that organic formula would provide a safe alternative, one that would be free of the pesticides and chemicals that we were concerned about. Once again, we were just planning for the unexpected, unseen events that always seem to creep into our lives.

Well our child is now a couple of months old and things are going well. So far the breast feeding has worked out as well as we had hoped it would (although there were a few close calls). But, we still went forward with our backup plan and purchased some organic baby formula just to keep on hand in case life throws us a little curve. In fact, we decided to begin to slowly introduce our child to the organic formula a couple of times a week just so it won’t be a shock in case we need to go that route on a permanent basis.